Tuesday, July 10, 2012

i saw magic mike.

it happened.
y'all, i went and saw magic mike.
you may remember that i really wanted to see it. 

guys...why did i want to see this movie?
i legitimately, in my heart, believed it would be pretty tame. and yes, in the grand scheme of things, it could have been a lot more inappropriate.
you guys, i saw so many butts.
and like, i've seen movie butts before.
but before we talk about that, let's talk about the women in this movie theater.

first of all, there were a lot of mothers and daughters seeing it together? 
second, the first time we saw a semi-nude person, every woman in there, except for kate and i, started giggling.
and it wasn't like they were giggling at naked men, either. it was naked women and i was like, "....but...why."
but then, y'all. then it was time for the strip club. 
and the women in our theater were CLAPPING. and SCREAMING. and i was like "THEY CAN'T HEAR YOU."
like i said on twitter last night, i am confident that every woman in that theater had read 50 shades of grey.

okay, the actual movie.
there was...not really a plot. and okay, you may be thinking "of course there was no plot abbi, did you even watch the trailer?" but still.
and really, everyone was just playing themselves. i felt like there was no acting. channing tatum was channing tatum. alex pettyfer was alex pettyfer. matthew mcconaughey was matthew mccoughaney.
at one point, there was a scene that took place in matthew mcconaughey's character's house, and he had artwork of himself up everywhere, like a statue of his face and a painting of his body and i thought, "i bet they didn't even have to create this artwork. i bet they filmed this in matthew mcconaughey's actual house."
and everyone, i saw more of matthew mcconaughey than i ever wanted to see. 
also, why do male strippers wear so many vests?

i guess the moral of this story is. i'm glad i saw it to say that i did, but i will never see it again.
also confirmed that i think male stripping is kind of gross. 

(disclaimer: no judgement to people who liked this movie. it wasn't bad or poorly made by any means. just not my cup of naked-butt tea.)


  1. Haha, while I love your take on the movie, this still makes me very wary to go see it.

  2. Hahaha I work at a movie theater and I wanted to see this movie, was so excited for it.... then I saw it. THEN I continued to work while it sold out our theater over and over and over again. I work in a fancy theater where we serve people food and adult beverages... these ladies got smashed. They were doing exactly what you said, giggling, screaming, saying "i love you" etc. Are we serious here? I thought it was just the folks in the suburbs of Sunny San Diego... sheesh.

  3. Okay hey, back off the vests ;) I love a man in a vest. Be it with a suit or in a birthday suit?

  4. Your expression in that photo pretty much matched my own after seeing this movie haha. The plot was ridic! I thought the movie was going to be funny but it was super depressing and serious. I went with all my girl friends and there was also lots of giggling, super awkward giggles. :)