Thursday, December 6, 2012

this is the "before" part on a episode of intervention.

i have lost all ability to speak in one tense, so i know that this post is all over the place, okay? i know.

i don't know how it happened.
(okay i mean i kind of do, but.)

a while ago i started watching the lizzie bennet diaries.
which, if you don't know what lbd is, it's basically a modern day pride and prejudice, told through a vlog developed by bernie su and the brilliant hank green and it is EXCELLENT.

so i'm watching roughly like 15-20 episodes a day of the lizzie bennet diaries and i'm like "man. this is bringing back some great pride and prejudice memories." 

and then a few weeks ago i was on tumblr, and i don't even know who it was, but SOMEBODY must have just watched the keira knightley version of it, because there were about a million photosets of it on my dash. and i'm sitting there thinking, "MAN it's been a long time since i watched that movie. maybe i should watch it, especially since i've had p&p on the brain lately" and at that very moment kate texted me and was like "abbi i am seeing all this pride and prejudice on your tumblr and i have to watch it right now?!" and i was like, "KATE. sit down, shut up, and i will find us a link to watch it online," only i said it nicer than that.

so we watched it. and guess what? it was perfect. one of the most visually stunning films i've ever seen, and it was better than i remembered.

and then the next night, i'm sitting on my bed and i thought "...would it be weird if i watched that movie again tonight?"
so i watched it again.

i watched it 4 times that week.

(as kate put it, "well it's a day that ends in y, so i'm off to watch pride and prejudice."

and on black friday i looked on amazon and of course the dvd copy of it was only 5 dollars, and i was sick of watching it on my computer, so i bought it.

and then i was like, "well i can't find my copy of the book, so i guess i should just go buy another copy of it."

and then on cyber monday i was looking on amazon again, and the bbc version with colin firth which is also excellent was on sale FOR LIKE 6000% OFF, so i had to buy that too.

and you guys, if we can be real for a second, when i received all of these things in the mail, i had a moment where i sat on my floor and i put all of these versions of pride and prejudice around me in a circle. and i just sat there in silence and gazed at all of them lovingly. 

i have now become a person who tries to fit pride and prejudice into every day conversation. the other day nick and i were talking about a friend who has unrealistic standards in women, and i almost blurted out, "SOUNDS LIKE A REGULAR DARCY, AMIRITE"

this is who i am now.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

things you should be watching on netflix.

if there's one thing i love in this world, it is netflix.
my dad signed my family up for netflix back when we had the first dvd player in our neighborhood, back when we got 4 dvds at a time.
netflix and i have had a long and loving relationship.
and since it seems that every day they are adding more wonderful things to watch, let's consider this part one of a never ending series called, things you should watch on netflix.
this is movie edition, because i just can't fit movies and tv into one post, it's too much.
so next time you're bored and looking for a movie on netflix, here's a few that i love.


i know. you are like, "abbi. that movie poster is cheesy. this movie has jesse mccartney in it. it's actually ~called keith. also it has jesse mccartney in it." but y'all, bear with me on this one. this is a great and wonderful movie. i was a skeptic like you, until years ago a friend recommended to me and i thought "why not" so i watched it and 5 minutes after it was done i bought it on amazon because i had to own it immediately. word of wisdom: do NOT look up any kind of synopsis for this movie. just don't. watch it without any prior knowledge because it's so much better that way. 

jesus christ superstar.

guys. okay, one time in like 2001 they made this other version of this musical and y'all, it was the worst. they filmed it on like two stages in london and the guy who played jesus looked like yanni and i was just offended. but this, this version is so wonderful. one of my favorite musicals of all time, and i think the film does it justice. watch it.

a league of their own.

honestly, if you have not seen a league of their own i don't even know what you're doing on this blog because i live my life for lady heroes and this movie is all about lady heroes.

charlie bartlett.

quirky and funny and a little weird, young anton yelchin becomes a psychiatrist for the kids in his school by offering them therapy and drugs out of his own personal stall in the school bathroom and he looks mighty fine doing it. also, young robert downey jr and also kat dennings and that girl who played paige on degrassi.

the vicious kind.

okay, i want to start this one with a warning. this movie is not for everyone. it has a lot of language and one kind of weird sex scene and is overall just sort of a dark movie. BUT. that being said, i think it is a really interesting story and some of the best acting that adam scott has ever done. also, adam scott with a beard, so.

best in show.

i don't really even know what to say about this movie other than it's hilarious and i feel genuine sadness for people who haven't seen it.


i know. but that guy who plays ren is so gorgeous that it makes it okay.

like crazy.

more anton yelchin.
for those of you who haven't seen this movie, i hesitate to even put this on here because like SAVE YOURSELF. but then i'm like, most everyone i know has seen and cried over this movie, so it's really on here for those who are a glutton for punishment and want to torture themselves again and again. 

do you like any of these? what are some of your favorite movies on netflix? i'd love to know if you watch any of them and what you think!

kissing jessica stein