Tuesday, July 31, 2012

a trip down memory lane.

back in november of last year, i deactivated my facebook. 
for many reasons, but mostly because it was just what i needed at the time.
but recently, i brought it back. and y'all, facebook is like a giant scrapbook of every poor fashion choice  i've ever made. 
blonde abbi! prom abbi! bangs abbi! short hair abbi! 
they're all there for the world to see. 

and since these are already out there on the world wide web, why not put them here too.
here's some of the most ridiculous pictures i've found since reactivating my facebook.

once upon a time, i went to a nerd themed party.
my shirt says "so many books, so little time."
i already owned it.
(yep. that's a pleated denim mini skirt.)

once upon a time, i turned 16.
and i wore this crown.
all day. 
at school.

this is when i was an outdoor lab leader in charge of 6th graders.
my friend sydney would probably be angry if she knew i had put this picture up.
but she doesn't read this blog, so.

this is a picture. this is a picture that exists and was created and was then put on the internet for actual humans to look at. 
(CONFESSION: about halfway through this post i remembered that i never deleted my myspace so naturally i had to go there and look at pictures EVEN MORE HORRENDOUS.)

apparently i captioned it "in the [hood]" so basically i can hear all of you silently thanking the lord that you did not know me in high school.

and finally

this is NOT from high school, which is equal parts hilarious and awful.

do you keep your old, embarrassing pictures on facebook, or do you delete them?

let's all just remember that i don't look like this anymore, mmkay?


  1. is it bad that i had already seen all of these

  2. I keep all my old ridiculous ones. lol

  3. Abbi. I wore a crown all day at school on my seventeenth birthday. OUR FRIENDSHIP WAS WRITTEN IN THE STARS.

  4. Marci & Abbi: That's so Slytherin. ;) Ok, I KID. I kid. I just love you (both). And I, too, had already seen these. Because stalking=love. I actually love dorky old photos. But it does make me realize that I always think I look good at the time and then I always look back and am horrified...which begs the question, do I look terrible right now but I wont know it for three more years?

  5. Hahaha I am dying. I can only hope that there are more, and that somehow, someday, I will be privileged to see them.

  6. Love all of these. Still. I vividly remember In the [hood]!
    We were the coolest.

  7. It's definitely a difficult choice, keeping them up for the utter hilarity or taking them down to save the shame! Sometimes when I make new friends I add them on facebook and all of their photos are super crazy gorgeous and you know what? It's a little boring. You're pictures tell great stories, I vote leave 'em there!