Thursday, March 29, 2012

weekly loves.

thursday is my favorite day of the week.
know why? cause it's when the best shows are on tv.
and today is an extra special thursday, because i'm going to see the hunger games again!
(fourth time's a charm)

here are some things i've been loving this week.

this picture, taken by bff lauren.

and this post, that i have looked at more times than i care to admit.

this song. guys, i'm not even going to pretend to like i don't like the biebs. yeah, i went and saw never say never on opening day. yes, i have a justin bieber singing toothbrush. and since justin timberlake hasn't made music in like, AN ETERNITY, this is my justin fix for the year.

this tumblr. it's perfect.

this dress. i literally have a list of items from my closet that have, what i like to call, "MVP status" and this dress would definitely qualify. i'm hoping soon i'll find 72 dollars plus shipping in an old pair of jeans so that i can buy it.

this ring. y'all on a scale of 1 to 10 for needing this ring i am at an 11. 

this girl. 

this movie, that i bought at target for 5 bucks. we watched it over the weekend and i hadn't seen it in years. i have now watched it 3 times this week. i couldn't find it in the store at first, even though it said they had it online. when i asked the electronics guy he was all, "what section would it be in?" and i was like, "um...children and family." and when he walked me over there to look, he said, "i don't see it. but here's little rascals." AS IF THAT WOULD SUFFICE.

this interview. the good stuff starts around 18:56.

and finally, this video.

i've actually been watching it for weeks, but i'm still loving it this week as much as the first time i saw it.

...why is there so much justin bieber in this post.

Monday, March 26, 2012

a love letter

a few snapshots from my weekend in AZ.

to my internet friends.
i'm feeling nostalgic after this weekend.
as you might know, it's been a very different semester for me. two of my very best friends left to study abroad, and while they are certainly not the only close friends i have, it definitely rocked my world.
i've been a lot quieter this semester, tucked myself away, simply because i wanted to.
i like being by myself a lot of the time, and i've gotten pretty good at it.
(two weeks ago i went to a friday night 9:55 showing of john carter by myself and i'm not even gonna lie, it was great.)
but i am above all, a person who just can't shut up.
and as much as i like watching 18 straight episodes of say yes to the dress on netflix by myself (and i do) 
i also need to talk to people.
and the friends i've made through twitter, tumblr, and here have taken care of me.
they've been there for me, through thick and thin, made me laughed till i cried, checked on me when i got kidney stones (AGAIN) and loved me at my best and my worst. 
and i am meeting more of these people each day. 
(if we don't know each other, let's be friends.)

so here's to you, if we've ever talked.
(i really do mean all of you.)
whether it's just been just a tweet here and there, or if you've stayed up all night with me, texting and skyping, you have made a difference to me.