Friday, September 21, 2012

i'mmmmm gonna soak up the sunnnnn

in 22 days, i will be here.

for my 21st birthday, my mama is taking me on a cruise! 
we'll be going to belize, grand cayman, and cozumel (!!!!!!!!)
i have never been on a cruise! i don't usually take big vacations, so this is a prETTY big deal for me. (and 7 days after that, my dad is taking me to las vegas!) 

i know that we will be doing a lot of cruise-y things (probably, i don't even know how a cruise goes down) but i also know that i will probably be reading...a bunch.

i know i ask y'all this often, BUT what is a book i simply have to read??
i'd love to load up my kindle before we leave.
i'll read just about anything (i just finished dark places by gillian flynn and oh my GOSH)
thanks, loves!


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

better late than never?

welp, these are a little late.
but here's some shots from when marci came to visit!!

-ate. and ate and ate and ate.
-saw celeste and jesse forever down at the esquire.
-went to the melting pot for kate's birthday!
-did some vintage shopping down on broadway.
-talked until our throats hurts.

i love kate and i love marci.
proof that friends you meet online will not always kill you.

Friday, September 7, 2012

my love.

*a little backstory: as most of you may know, the hunger games is more important to me than basically anything, and has been since 2008. it has been a huge part of my life and brought me closer to people that i otherwise never would have met. despite this, it has never reached some of those closest to me, like nick, my mom and many other family members. but i never beg, i never plead, because if someone i love is going to read it, i want them to read it because they want to.*

on wednesday, nick said, "i have a surprise for you but i can't tell you until it's complete!" and i do not handle surprises well. i whine and i beg and i cry and i pull on your shirt and i lock the door so you can't leave until you tell me what the surprise is, and i did all of those things to him, but he wouldn't tell me. "when the time is right, i'll tell you," he said.
today in the car, he asked, "can i borrow the hunger games so i can loan it to my family? i want to rewatch it for a few reasons. because it's been so long since i saw it in theaters and....because i just finished reading all three books."

and i burst into tears.

he spent a month reading them all and keeping it a secret, so that when he finished them all he could surprise me.
so our friday night was spent doing what i love most: eating and laughing and talking about katniss and peeta.