Thursday, October 11, 2012


 pitch perfect. y'all, you have probably seen me talking about it on twitter and tumblr, but if i can't talk about it on every from of social media then what is the point of this. it good. i saw it twice in one week (once with kate, once with nick) and it's still nOT ENOUGH. go see it if you haven't. go.

the casual vacancy, kind of. guys TO BE HONEST i am having a hard time getting into it? i'm not very far into it so i don't think i can accurately judge, but. have any of you read it? what do you think of it?


MY CRUUIIIISSSEEE!!! i leave in TWO. DAYS. (it'll be pretty quiet over here (though....isn't it usually? oops.) but there will be something happening over on my tumblr, as always.) also, my birthday. in exactly 7 days.

listening to:
50% pitch perfect soundtrack, 50% taylor swift's new single(s)

working on:
fitting all my clothes into one carry on suitcase. why must i always overpack.

i didn't have to take a test in my nutrition class tomorrow. it's the only thing standing in the way between me and birthday week!