Monday, July 9, 2012

midnight showings.

the amazing pawgee

it always sounds like such a good idea.
"hey, i'll get to see this movie before everybody else, other than the thousands of people across the country who are also seeing it at midnight!"
your friends object, and you say, "but it's about the experience!"
but then you have to get in line at 8 o'clock.
and sometimes you wait outside and it rains. 
and then your eyelids are heavy throughout the entire movie.
and then the next morning you have to wake up and go to work and yeah, you're happy that you saw the movie, but you're also cursing the day you ever thought it was a good idea to get 4 hours of sleep.

guys, we went to the midnight showing of the amazing spiderman last week, and i think it has officially ruined midnight showings for me.
it started with a group of about 20 kids walking into the theater, singing 'call me maybe' at the top of their lungs and me muttering, "shut up shut up shut up" not so quietly.
then when the movie finally started, we heard the couple behind us talking.
and i don't mean hushed, under-your-breath whispers.
i mean loud, rude, i-don't-care-that-i'm-in-a-movie talking.
so i did the universal scowl and look over your shoulder move. you know the one.
but the talking continued.
for literally the first 5 minutes of the movie.
and then the guy pulls out, i swear to you, a FLASHLIGHT.
and he starts shining it around.
and my blood is BOILING. 
and the talking continues.
and then it finally stops. you know know why? because then they started making out.
it felt like i missed the entire first part of the movie because of these kids. all of sudden peter parker had spider-like abilities and i was like, "WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN?!" 

we've seen our fair share of midnight showings this summer (the avengers, prometheus, etc.) and each time there has been something that has made me swear, "never again." 
but this time, i mean it. 
the dark knight rises? i'm coming for ya at 10:25 am on friday.

*disclaimer: of course there will always be exceptions. and by exceptions i mean catching fire.*


  1. HAHAHAHAHA oh abbi. Also, love that picture of Paige. (I can be on first name basis with her, right? cool.)

  2. Oh lordy lordy! I totally feel you on this one. Kids under the age of 18 shouldn't be allowed anywhere after 8pm.

  3. You best mean Catching Fire because I am counting on you being right there next to me, Marci and Lauren. <3

  4. I am the exact same way. The last midnight show I went to see was Eclipse (I know, I know...judge away) and since then, I'm just steering clear. Although, hubs and I saw Prometheus at 2:30 on a Saturday and we STILL experienced someone talking right in the middle of an important scene for at least 1 minute. Why would you pay $7.25 to talk on your phone? The theater is not your living room people!

  5. hahaha oh of course catching fire! im so stoked for that movie!!! and if i was at that movie with you the other night, i might have injured props to you for making it out unscathed!

  6. here is what my sister and i have learned: if you're going to see a midnight showing, you have to be in the biggest and first theater. like, if there are 5 theaters playing the movie, go to theater #1. because that's typically where all the true fans are that will shut up when need be and scream/cry when appropriate. otherwise, people just do stupid stuff like your two lovebirds. and i definitely know the scowl move! my sister has it mastered! hahah