Monday, June 25, 2012


we drove 12 hours, and didn't even come close to killing each other.
we visited the grand canyon, and saw lots of fanny packs.
we saw dear friends ted and lauren.
we went to sprinkles.
we shopped, and our bank accounts wept.
we met up with laney.
we listened to a lot of justin bieber.
we ate. and ate and ate and ate.
and i fell a little bit more in love every day.
thank you to nick, who made this trip one of the best i've ever been on.
thank you to the sweet friends we saw, who should move closer to us.
it was perfect.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

instas from arizona.

home sweet home!
real pictures will be up a little later, but here's a few snapshots from the week.
it was a week filled with long drives, good food, sweet friends, and lots of laughs. 
(and quite a bit of justin bieber)
traveling with your best friend is the best thing there is. 

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

goin' on a roadtrip!

tomorrow, nick and i leave bright and early (more like dark because it will be so early) for arizona!
our itinerary includes a stop at the grand canyon, seeing bestie lauren, eating lots of food and trying not to literally melt.
we are also hoping that the 12 hour car ride will strengthen our relationship, rather than make us want to kill each other entirely.
(he's really looking forward to the fact that justin bieber's new album comes out the day before we come back. he knows it will be just 12 solid hours of me, him and the biebs.)

but planning for this roadtrip has got me thinking about ones i've taken in the past.
like the time my mom, dad, sister and i piled into the smallest vehicle ever manufactured by a car company, and drove all the way to dallas straight through.
or the time my mom and i drove to lubbock and got so bored that she made me teach her all the words to "i'm yours" by jason mraz.
or the time my roommates and i drove to indiana, and the windshield wipers stopped working in the middle of what was basically a hurricane.
or the other time that my roommates and i drove to indiana and i was so busy dancing to ke$ha that i literally almost hit the uhaul in front of me. 

and then i think, well it can't be worse than that, right?

(i'm like 98% kidding, i'm over the moon excited about this trip.)

and now i'd like to know...
how did you pass the time when you've gone on roadtrips?
and what are your roadtrip horror stories?

Monday, June 4, 2012

monday thoughts.

happy monday!
(this picture has nothing to do with this post, i just like it.)

you know what i'd like to talk about today? the mtv movie awards.
now, let me first say that i don't normally watch the mtv movie awards. normally, i try to avoid most things on mtv. but this year was different, because josh hutcherson. 

guys, after i watched the mtv movie awards, i remembered why i don't watch the mtv movie awards.

-josh hutcherson
-that incredible archery thing with jj abrams, jen lawrence and joel mchale.
-emma stone and andrew garfield. if they ever break up it will be the end of me.
-harry potter finally winning something. i get that we're all into whatever movie is huge that year, but the fact that harry potter has gotten such little recognition is baffling to me.
-emma stone winning that trailblazer award. there are few women in hollywood i like more than emma
-the perks of being a wallflower trailer.

-the winners of best kiss and best movie. i rolled my eyes so hard i think it might have been audible.
-russell brand. i don't always dislike him, but all those jokes about short marriages just made me second hand embarrassed. also, what material were his pants made out of?
-kristen stewart's acceptance speech for best kiss. girlfriend, no. even she knew it was going nowhere fast.

after the mtv movie awards i decided to keep making bad decisions because, why not, and i turned on the last 30 minutes of the Miss USA pageant. 
i really enjoyed how miss ohio (? can't remember, too lazy to google it) used julia roberts' character in pretty woman as a strong example of women in film.
i mean............
(spoiler alert if you haven't seen pretty woman. she's a prostitute.)

did you watch either of these events last night?
or did you make better decisions than i did?
let's chat.