Wednesday, May 2, 2012

show and tell.

happy wednesday, friends!
guess who's done with school. 

remember in kindergarten, when you had show and tell?
and there was always that one kid who brought in something extra awesome, like their new puppy, and suddenly what you brought in just wasn't as cool, and you were like, "IT'S COOL, I'LL JUST PUT MY HELLO KITTY STICKER BOOK AWAY."

well, today i would like to have a show and tell of things that have been occupying my time lately.

FIRST. this tumblr, fifty shades of suck.
if you follow me on twitter (god bless you if you do) then there is no way on this earth that you missed my live tweet of the book fifty shades of grey
you guys, if you like this book, please don't hate on me. because i gave it a chance. i really did.
and it was the most terrifying experience of my life.
well, about a third of the way through this book, i was pointed to this tumblr. and i haven't stopped laughing since. 

SECOND. this shia lebeouf song.
why does this song exist?
i don't know.
why is it so popular?
i don't know.
why have i watched it 17 times in the last 4 days?
i don't know.
but it does and it is and i have.

THIRD. this daily grace video.

FOURTH. this trailer for that channing tatum stripper movie, which i like to call, Male Pretty Woman. 

the actual name of it is magic mike. 
you guys. why is it that i want to see this movie so much?
if i had never seen the trailer for it, and someone said "hey do you wanna go see this movie with me? channing tatum is in it and he plays a stripper and also matthew mcconaughey." i would say "no and please go away."
what i mean to say is, on paper it sounds like a recipe for disaster (at least for me.) ...BUT SOMETHING ABOUT THIS TRAILER IS MAKING ME WANT TO GO SEE IT OPENING DAY?
please tell me i am not alone. 

FIFTH. my own show and tell wouldn't be complete without something actually having to do with me. 
so here's a few recent snapshots.

what would YOU like to show and tell this week?



    also I love that outfit and I love you for the 50 shades live tweeting. It kept me going this week.

  2. I MADE IT ONTO SHOW AND TELL!!!! You just made my day. <3

  3. I saw that trailer for Magic Mike when I went to see The Lucky One. (what can I say, I am a sucker for Nicholas Spark's books turned movies and Zac Efron doesn't look half bad without a shirt, making out in an outdoor shower.) Anyhoot. It's likely I'll see Magic Mike within the first week of its release.

    Also, your shorts in that first photo are awesome! And I brought my puppy in for show tell in third grade. One boy was afraid and started to cry. Later, in ninth grade I got a kitten, and brought it in for an about me speech in English class. I will use any excuse to force my pets on other people.:)

  4. nothing makes me happier than discovering a fellow daily grace lover.

    just because i want to 'show and tell'... my aunt was on her commenting on comments asking her to drink bacon vodka with her because her niece (ahem, me) isn't (ahem, wasn't) old enough. direct quote? 'daily grace, tearing families apart since 1986'

    also? i haven't read that book and i don't know why i'm still reading the tumblr because it really makes no sense to me...

  5. hey, at least you weren't the girl in kindergarten who showed the bottom of her shoe for show and tell... it had a cool design, okay? and only to be upstaged by a puppy right after me... they don't know a good thing when they see one...

    as for magic mike?! YES.

  6. Never read Fifty Shades of Grey..yet the tumblr is making me laugh. The IHOP comment is perfect.

    Magic Mike - yes,please. I love me some Channing Tatum. and seeing all of that money kinda makes me want to be a stripper now.

    I blocked out all of my show and tells. I cannot remember one of them..except the animal kids always upstaged everybody else.

  7. Oh thursday I will be able to say i'm done with school too for the summer! Ahh! Can't wait!

    Never read FSOG but I heard its.. .well.. not good.. :) lol

    OHMYGOODNESS! I wanna see Magic Mike too! I don't know why either but I do!! I'll go with you!