Thursday, July 12, 2012


1. niece and i  2. a little plate i made  3. the most beautiful section in b&n  4. new shoe love

loving: this dress. (hint hint?)

reading: okay, you guys, it wouldn't feel right to lie on my own blog. so i have to be honest with you. i may or may not be reading lauren conrad's novel. i know.

watching: .....pretty little liars. y'all, here's the thing about PLL. i read the first book when i was a sophomore in high school, and i had to sleep on the floor of my parent's bedroom for two days. and then i gave four. years. of my life to those books. years i will never get back. so when the show came out i was like, "eh maybe," and i watched the first half of season one. but then lauren brought it to my attention that PLL had made it's way to netflix. and now i have watched like 14 episodes in two days and i don't know how to stop and i might be in actual love with troian bellisario.

anticipating: singing in the rain tonight! it's playing for one night in select theaters and i'm going to see it with a few close friends. YAY

listening to: 85% ed sheeran, 15% olly murs. if you're not listening to both of them, remedy that immediately.

working on: organizing my closet. i'm getting rid of so many clothes that they've ripped the trash bags i've put them in.

wishing: i had some new doctor who to watch.

what's up with you guys?

(inspiration from danielle)  


  1. Okay, so I need to be educated on Ed and Olly. Tell me what I should look up for research purposes. You did school me on 1D after all.

    So glad you are going to see Singing in the Rain. I wish it was playing here tonight!

    Also, you should save a few select items from your closet for me to pick through when I visit next month.

    And after you donate a ton of clothes you NEED to buy that Dorothy Perkins dress. <3

  2. marci: ed's entire album. especially the a team, drunk, u.n.i., grade 8, lego house, give me love, little bird and gold rush. but i mean, every song is perfect, so. olly: specifically? oh my goodness, dance with me tonight and in case you didn't know. but again it's all good. then report back to me PLEASE.

  3. Singin' in the Rain is my favorite movie ever! Would love to see it in a theater setting...and that dress is awesome and you should totally buy it!

  4. You are the reason I blogged today. JSYK. You made me want to. And also, DON'T LINK TO THE DOROTHY PERKINS WEBSITE THAT IS A DARK PATH FOR ME TO GO DOWN I AM GOING TO SPEND ALL MY MONEY :((

  5. So, I'm pretty sure you don't live next to me, but when you said Singing' in the Rain was coming to theaters tonight it got my hopes up because it's coming to our theater tonight a wellll!

    Also, I'm obsessed with your Tardis plate.

    But LC can do no wrong in my book, judge me. She's my favoriteee. As is PLL, obsessed with all of those girls. They're so beautiful!

  6. Excuse me, can I take a look at all those clothes before you donate??!

  7. i love your orange skirt!! so so cute.

  8. Spencer was the character I decided I was most like. I haven't changed my mind at all. I love Pretty Little Liars so frickin much.

  9. If you made that Dr. Who bowl then you have officially become my favorite person. And PLL is my secret addiction, and if anybody asks me I will straight up deny that I'm IN LOVE with it.

  10. Where to I even start.
    First. Ed Sheeran. YES.
    Second. PLL. This show KILLS me. I never read the books but I started watching this show the night the first episode aired and I have been in love ever since.
    Also, I just started Doctor Who season 5. All the feelings.
    One word last word?
    That is all.