Wednesday, July 18, 2012

books: good better best.

(slowly but surely making my way through this too)

here's a little of what i've been reading lately.


alright guys TO. BE. HONEST, i read this book.
it was free on the kindle store, okay?
and honestly, i did not hate it.
was it a literary masterpiece? no. will it forever change the world of literature as we know it? no. but was it boring? no.
i read it on several trips to the lake and for that, it was perfect.


sarah recommended this book to me a few weeks ago and y'all, i could kiss her for it. 
i read it in about three hours and didn't put it down once. read it.

warning: this book is kind of scary and also made me weep like a small child. but it is an unbelievable story that had me guessing till the very end and i loooooved it.


lauren texted me a few weeks ago and said, "you have to read this book with me." and while i scoffed at the $12.99 kindle price, i bought it anyways.
y'all, best $12.99 i ever spent.
this book is I N S A N E and i had absolutely no idea how it was going to end. even when it ended i still couldn't believe it. 
i read the second half on our drive back from arizona and i kept going "NICK. NICK LISTEN TO THIS. LISTEN TO WHAT JUST HAPPENED IN THIS BOOK."
incredible story telling. INCREDIBLE.

but help help help!
now friends, i am in a lull. i haven't read anything good in a few weeks and i'm looking for the next good thing.
so, what have you read recently (or not recently) and loved?


  1. I need some new reads!! Sorry I can't help you, but THANK YOU for giving me some ideas :)

  2. The Body Finder series is great! It's not exactly a literary gem either, but it's really entertaining and suspenseful. It's basically the equivalent of watching a thriller movie.

  3. These all sound so good! Also I nominated you for the Liebster award!

  4. I just read Gone Girl too and completely agree with the insanity that it was. I was so angry at the end but I'm learning to accept that it was "fitting" for them.

    I also read Midwives by Chris B.... (can't think of how to spell it) but it was pretty good.

  5. I just finished Gone Girl as per your it was INSANE!! So many twists and turns throughout the whole thing and I really didn't like the ending, but it was the best ending for the book. (If you know what I mean, it's that it really was a well thought out ending and I just didn't like that it had to end that way) Instead of paying full price for books next time, I always go to this ebook site where they have tons of free ebooks and it's worked out great for me! I have so many books on my ipod now. Go to and download most of your favorite books to your heart's content :) That's where I found Gone Girl from.