Saturday, May 26, 2012

this week.

1. i've been housesitting for the last 10 days, and i've watched a lot of revenge and a lot of say yes to the dress. i've missed days of not getting dressed and watching hours of tv. 

2. paige is home from ireland! paige is home from ireland!

3. i went to see the avengers...again. y'all, how is it possible that that movie is so good? i am incapable of talking about it without using dramatic hand gestures and talking at a louder-than-normal volume.

4. my chris evans situation is a little out of control.

5. nick and i decided to be super tourists, and went to the penny arcade in manitou, then drove to the top of pikes peak! oh, i like this boy. 

6. this song is going to be the death of me. if you follow me on twitter you've probably seen my 2384972 tweets about it, but if you haven't listened to it yet, you're just doing it wrong.

7. i also went to see battleship. but in my defense, it was 100000% because of taylor kitsch. never gonna stop loving my tim riggins, y'all. 

how has your week been, kids?


  1. Looks like your trip was a lot of fun, and the view at pike's peak is GORGEOUS! This post is the 10000th sign from the universe that I really should go see the Avengers...for the first time.

  2. Please continue your Chris Evans problem for as long as you like. And throw in some more Tom Hiddleston if your heart so desires.
    PS Love me some arcades! Hubs and I are fierce competitors....we have to stay away or not play each other or their will be a throwdown. :)

  3. The Avengers. I have held myself back on going again. I've been re-watching Thor quite a few times though. I'm sure your Chris Evans problem can get along nicely with my 'slight' Tom Hiddleston fascination. Hahaha. But apart from that: it's such an amazingly awesome movie.