Friday, May 11, 2012

happy list.

1. guys, i've gotten to see quite a bit of my niece since i got home, and i have to tell you, there might not be a cuter kid on this planet. (on monday we went to the children's museum and i think i enjoyed it more than she did.) 

2. i'm going to be reading the second fifty shades of grey book soon. and yes, i will be live tweeting it. i'm more excited than i probably should be. (if you don't want to be a part of it, bail now. no hard feelings.)

3. yesterday nick took me on my first ever trip to ikea, and it was about as close to perfect as i think life will ever get.

4. my mom and i have been cleaning out old boxes from when i was little, and y'all, i have found some serious treasures. in addition to my nintendo 64, gameboy color and 6th grade student ID, i have also found about 12 old diaries. my favorite one has just two entries in it, and legitimately, the second entry only says, "dear diary. i am leaving you to write in a different diary. no hard feelings. love, abbi."

5. last night's episode of parks and rec. no spoilers if you haven't seen it, but. i cried. (also, if you're not watching parks and rec i am on my knees begging you to watch it as soon as is humanly possible. aka like right now.)

....i'm unsure of how to end this post, so here's an old picture of me photoshopped in with the cast of degrassi.

what's making you happy lately?


  1. Everything about this is perfect. I laughed out loud at that diary entry.

  2. That diary entry is so you.

    And an IKEA date? stop being perfect, GAH.


  4. I LOVE Parks and Rec!! It is just so perfectly hilarious!!

  5. bahahaha! you photoshopped yourself in with the cast of degrassi? that is awesome!!