Saturday, May 12, 2012

to you.

to you, my best friend every year of high school.
to you, who cared these last 7 years and never gave up on me, though i didn't deserve it.
to you, who holds my hand tight and kisses me at stoplights.
to you, who knows me better than anyone else.
to you, who likes driving around and getting lost, just as much as i do.
to you, who makes me laugh so hard it hurts.
to you, who stays up late with me, dreaming big and making plans.
to you, who truly listens, and always remembers. 
to you, who doesn't mind when i sing along and laughs at my ridiculous dancing.
to you, who makes me want to write sickly sweet blog posts, though i swore i never would.
to you, who doesn't care if i put my feet up on the dashboard. 
to you, who has always, always loved me well.

here's to you, dear one.
you make life a little bit sweeter.