Wednesday, April 18, 2012

shows you should have watched.

if you follow me on tumblr, you may have noticed that i have a running tag called "shows you should have watched."
because y'all, there is little else in this world that is more important to me than television. 
and when i love something so deeply, i have to share it. 
so i'm about to share with you my top 3 favorite shows of all time (plus a few extras)
and you may be asking, "but abbi, i don't see parks and rec on this list? where is doctor who?"

people, people.
i'm talking favorite shows of all time.
and i don't think i can add a show to that list until it is completely over and done.
because a show can start out beautifully, and then in one moment, turn into something twisted and wrong and all of a sudden you're crying into your hands screaming "WE COULD HAVE HAD IT ALLLLLL" 
so i don't add shows to this list until they are completed. 
so here are, what i believe, were three of the best shows on television.

(and other stuff)

1. everwood.

rarely ever in the history of the universe has there ever been a show as good as everwood. 
back when the CW was the WB, a little show premiered on monday nights after 7th heaven.
and it stole the hearts of...not that many people because i don't really know too many people who watched it.
kind of loosely, roughly, 0.00000001% based on the area i grew up near, this show was funny and heartbreaking and thoughtful and perfect. 
if you haven't watched this, don't walk, to your nearest best buy or local library, and grab a copy of the first season. 
you won't be sorry.

2. gilmore girls.

75% percent of the reason why i am the way i am is because of gilmore girls.
now i know that some people don't care for this show, because they think rory and lorelai are annoying, or they talk too fast, and TO THOSE NAY-SAYERS I SAY "oy with the poodles already."
but i also say, this show is funny and charming and comforting and has just the right amount of drama. 
i am always in the mood for this show.
if i'm happy? there's a gilmore girls episode for that. if i'm sad? there's a gilmore girls episode for that. 
those of you who watched it know, there is a gilmore girls quote for everything.
so basically, you should absolutely watch this show, if you haven't.

3. friday night lights.

this show is above and beyond great television. 
it has the best pilot episode that i have ever seen.
it was consistently good (except for those weird first four episodes in season 2 but it's okay.)
never has there been a show with more heart.
what completely baffles me about this show is that like no one watched it.
it had super low ratings until the end.
really, if you haven't watched it, get yourself over to netflix and watch the pilot immediately.
don't like football?
honestly, so little of this show is about football. 
it is just about human relationships, and strong families and small town community and UGH Y'ALL I JUST REALLY CANNOT.


1. the oc.
once upon a time in 2003, fox started a beautiful little show called the oc.
and it took the world by storm.
you rolled your eyes at the situations these *SIXTEEN YEAR OLDS* got themselves into but you couldn't help but cry "more more more!"
the first season was flawless (i own it and most of the discs don't even work anymore because i've watched them so much)
but then things kinda started to go downhill.
the second season is still worth your time.
if you can stomach the third season, more power to you.
 when it comes to the fourth and final season i say, "don't bother."
but if you have not at least watched the first season of this show, you are truly missing out on one of life's greatest gifts.

2. o'grady.
okay, i hesitated whether or not to even put this show on this list, because sometimes i am so convinced that this show never actually existed and that i made the whole thing up in my mind.
but it's real, i've just never met anyone else who watched it.
guys, remember the n?
before it was teen nick and when during the day it was noggin?
well on that channel they had some of the best shows ever. 
and the best of those shows was an animated comedy called o'grady.
don't get me wrong, this show is an acquired taste.
but it still slays me dead with how funny it is. 
i have no idea where you can watch it anymore, other than buying it on itunes for dirt cheap, which is what i did. 
but if you ever get a chance, it is, at least in my opinion, worth your time.

3. one tree hill.
my love for one tree hill is deep and endless and knows no bounds.
i know probably a great majority of you have watched this show at one point or another in your life, but if you haven't and you enjoy overly dramatic story lines and pretty people and one of the most hateable characters in television history (DAN SCOTT) then this is the show for you.
seriously though, this show in its early years was SO. GOOD. 
i myself am not a huge fan of the later seasons (1-4 are perfect, they could have just stopped after 6) but really, it's all good. 
so if you've deprived yourself of this show, hop on over to netflix and get caught up the drama that is tree hill north carolina. 

i could go on and on and on and on and on and on and on about other shows, but this post is long enough as it is. 
what are some of your favorite shows that have ended?
have you watched any of these?

*****UPDATE: everyone on twitter has (lovingly) pointed out to me what a moron i am because i forgot ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT AND DAWSON'S CREEK. 
ugh, FOR SHAME. 
(watch those shows too)
*********UPDATE AGAIN: i just remembered that i left what i like about you off this list too. y'all i am a FOOL. that show is one of my most quoted shows of all time and you should watch it. 



    that show was my first "favorite show" that I watched consistently.

    and I NEED to start watching Friday Night Lights. NEED.

  2. I loved Everwood. It was such a great show, I used to watch it with my parents. :) And I'm relatively sure I've seen every episode of Gilmore Girls at least three times. I haven't seen Friday Night Lights yet, but I'll definitely check it out soon.

    Maybe it's before your time, but did you not watch Dawson's Creek? It is seriously my favorite show of all time; I wanted to be Josephine Potter and Pacey Witter starred in many a day dream...

  3. FRANKIE, I AM MORON. ~HOW COULD I FORGET DAWSON'S CREEK?! oh i feel like a fool. that show was the greatest, I EVEN OWN ALL THE SEASONS. ugh, for shame.

  4. O'GRADY.
    Dang, I miss that show. The episode that sticks with me is the one where Abby goes out with that emo boy who writes tons of songs for her. It slays me!

  5. So... the only shows on your list that I have actually seen to the end are Arrested Development and Friday Night Lights. I've caught a gilmore girls episode here and there. I always wanted to watch The OC and One Tree Hill when I was in high school, but I was always too busy. Guess I have some serious catching up do to.

  6. I have barely seen any of these. Just a couple of episodes of Gilmore Girls and Friday Night Lights (I saw the pilot when it premiered and I think it was too deep and indie for me at the time). And of course OC. I saw it again last year and I hate season 3 but I weirdly like season 4 which makes me worried. Oh well.

    My favorite shows that have ended are Avatar: The Last Airbender, Friends and Freaks & Geeks. That I can think of now.

    (Did you use to like Glee? I thought you hated it completely. When did you start to not like it?)

  7. Oh The OC. I too, strangely like season 4. But the only good thing about season 3 was how good Marissa's hair looked.

    But really. The whole show should have just been about the Ryan/Seth bromance. SO GOOD.

  8. AG! I completely and totally agree on all of them I LOVE gilmore girls. It was my life for...quite a while. FNL owns a good portion of my life as well. I just did a post on my favorite TV couples and I seek your approval love! You obvi known what you are talking about!

  9. I love Everwood, Gilmore Girls, The O.C and One Tree Hill!!! Never watched Friday Night Lights, I'm not sure it all played in New Zealand :/ but you have great taste!! I am also addicted to Veronica Mars!

  10. It's okay that you forgot dawson's creek Abbi, I just have more of an obsession than most I guess. (I have a shirt that I can't give away even though it no longer fits, because Joey wore the same one in one episode.)

  11. Everwood is next on my list! I shall send you thousands of feelings when I start.

    In terms of my recommendations for you:
    LOST. Watch it Abbi. Watch it. I've already convinced Leila and Laney. Now you and Raven will feel my annoyingly promotive wrath.

  12. soooo, i was totally watching Zenon (you know, that disney movie) and realized that her love interest, greg, was the guy from everwood. totally LOVED that show!!! definitely high up on the rankings for sure. but at least we get to keep seeing emily van camp in revenge now!
    xo TJ

  13. i know i am WAY behind in commenting but dude. everwood. gilmore girls. the oc. one tree hill. #doyoumeanmylife?

    but.... i have never heard of o'grady. i guess i need to stalk netflix for it.