Monday, April 16, 2012

ch ch ch ch changes.

my very favorite picture of my roommates and i.

it's taken me a while to figure out when i wanted to write this, and now seems like a good time.

as some of you may know, it's been a really difficult year for me. 
i've felt unhappy and out of place a good portion of the time.
(now, it hasn't all been bad. i have had some great things happen, but the bad has seemed to outweigh the good.)
i've been going home most weekends, which has been great for me.
but every sunday, i dread going back to school.
(for those who don't know, my school is about an hour and 20 minutes from home.)
and a few months ago, i was driving back to my dad's house on a saturday night, and the thought of going back to school, not just for the weekend but for the next year, and finishing my degree, terrified me.
i sat down with my dad that night and i broke down and i told him i hated school. i hated my school and i hated what i was studying.
and he said, "then do something different."

and so i am.
after these last 3 weeks of school, i won't be coming back to unc.

it sounds completely insane, to leave the university i've been at for 3 years, to change schools and change majors. 
but ultimately, i'm not doing what i love, and i don't ever want to look back at a time in my life and think, "i wasn't doing something that i loved. i had the capability to change it, but i didn't."
i've felt like unc wasn't the place for me for a long time, but i thought it was too late to change anything.
but you know what?
i'm 20 years old. it's not too late.

so in the fall i'll be going to metro state college of denver, finishing up my last 40ish credits.
and after i graduate, i'll be looking to go out of state to get a bachelor's in fashion design and merchandising.
it's a huge jump from the elementary education degree i've been working towards, but i am finally going to be doing something i'm passionate about. 

leaving is bittersweet.
for the first time in a long time, i'm excited, really excited, about what's happening in my life.
but it also means leaving the place that's been my home for 3 years.
i have grown and changed SO much in my time here.
and it means leaving the people who have become my family. 
and that is terrifying.

but here's to a fresh start.
i can't wait.


  1. I am so proud of you! And excited and happy about all of these changes for you. Also, this really really gives me more of a reason to get to Denver at some point during the summer and celebrate with you!

  2. Congrats on taking a leap of faith! Super scary to do that! I majored in apparel merchandising, and let me tell you, it is awesome! I started out in theater, and was really passionate about it, but something just was't right. You'll be glad you're going to do something that makes you happy in the end. My dad thought I should major in engineering of some sort so I would "always have a job." Because that's what's really important (not).

  3. Way to go, Abbi! That is a big change, but it sounds like a great one. You are incredibly brave, and I admire you for that. You definitely deserve to do something you love! Here's to new beginnings. :)

  4. Congrats! Its such a huge decision to make when you change something drastic in your life! I started off at Uni majoring in theatre then changed and now I'm loving screen and media! Turns out I wanted to be a filmmaker not a thespian! Its so worth it :D

  5. First of all, I'd just like to say that the amount of strength it takes to make such a big change deserves to be noted. Secondly, even though I'm sure you'll keep us updated, I'd love to know where you're going to school and what your courses are like! I happened upon D&M completely by accident (I was supposed to go into Graphic Design or Fine Arts, but that's a story for a different time). BUT I'M SURE YOU'LL KEEP US UPDATED SO YEAH. I LOOK FORWARD TO IT.



  6. I totally get it. Totally. "it's a huge jump from the elementary education degree i've been working towards" 4yrs in I went to Pat and said I wanted out of the program but still wanting to graduate I added a minor and UNC has been the bane of my education existence since. So GOOD FOR YOU!!!<3

  7. You're very brave. It takes a lot of guts and courage to decide something is not right for you and making such a big change. Good on you!

  8. Oh my goodness! This is so terrifying and so exhilarating at the same time. I wish you the best of luck !

  9. Oh Abbi. You are so brave and I'm happy you are taking charge and changing what needs to change. I need to do it too.. I hope you end up liking your new school better!

  10. This takes an absurd amount of courage and faith. Congrats to you on taking charge of your life and following your heart!

  11. I transferred schools (after two years at one) and never, ever regretted it. those three (i had to take an extra year because you lose credits when you transfer) years at my new school were the happiest of my life. good luck!

  12. Abbi! You're great. I'm really really proud of you for deciding to change your direction even though it's gonna result in so much work. You're a fighter.

    On a smaller note, !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fashion design and merchandise! So exciting. You're too stylish to not be doing that. Ah. I'm excited. I want you to design things for me to photograph. :) <3

  13. Good for you for making sure you have the life you want!

    I transferred after my freshman year. I met amazing people and loved my experience at both schools.