Tuesday, April 10, 2012

one thing.

it's time to talk about it.
my affection for one direction.
(if you follow me on twitter or tumblr then you have been hearing me talk about it for months and this is now old news.)
but it's never been discussed here.

so let's be real. 

i knew about one direction for a while, because i was like WHO ARE THESE BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE I AM SEEING ALL OVER MY TUMBLR DASHBOARD.
 and so i looked them up on wikipedia. and i saw that they were a boy band. 
and i said "no sir i shall not go down that road, no way no how."

because as we all know, when i like something, i don't just like it.
i become a monster about it. 
and i knew one direction would be no exception, so i stayed away.
and then, on february 20th, my best friend paige, who is studying abroad in ireland, sent me message with a link.
and you guys.
i just KNEW.
before i even opened the link, i knew.

and thus began the downward spiral that has taken my life by storm, consumed me completely and made me the laughing stock of those around me.
and i don't even care.
their music is catchy and they've all got that really great hair.
and after much consideration, liam is my favorite. (but niall is a close second.)

i know some of you already listen to them, and if you do i applaud/sympathize with you.
they are beautiful, well dressed, talented life ruiners.
but in case you don't, let me convert you, right here and now. 


1. the one thing music video:

2. what makes you beautiful (behind the scenes) 

3. the best interview they've ever done

4. that time they all sucked on helium

5. the video that accurately describes the first time i saw them

6. the video that accurately describes how i feel every time i see them (and how i feel about zayn)

 i debated whether or not i should just include the link to these videos or the actual videos themselves, but this you know what? 
they're here so now everyone has to look at them. 
sorry not sorry. 

do you like one direction?
(if you don't just take that noise elsewhere, pretty please.)
who is your favorite?

this is a situation you guys.
i don't even know. 


  1. I LOVE One Direction! I got the songs from my sister and now I can't stop listening to them, they're so catchy! And seriously, who doesn't want 5 attractive british boys singing to you, telling you you're beautiful and that they want you? How in the world can I argue with that? :)

  2. Also, it's a terribly difficult decision, but Louis is my fav. I swoon.

  3. Okay. I was totally the same way. When I first saw them on tumblr, I told myself that I wouldn't get caught up in all of the hype. I have avoided such things before....I failed miserably this time and I am not even a little bit ashamed. They sucked me in and I am terribly happy about it! I've decided that Harry is ridiculously adorable, but I have a mild (read: monstrous) love for Louis. In conclusion, bless this post.

  4. Steele told me he thought boy bands were dead. But I told him they had always been around, lurking in the dark.

  5. YOU, ABBI. LIke, I had watched their videos and thought, "hey, these kids are cute." PERIOD. I was not planning on becoming part of a boy band fandom and stuff. AND THEN YOU CAME ALONG GETTING ALL EXCITED and I was like, "brain, no." But, of course my brain didn't listen. Neither did my heart. Then, I thought, "Hey, Louis. You sexy thing. LIAM! You are so cute. OMG, NIALL. Can I just... keep you?" In all honesty, I don't care about the other two. I guess Harry's all right, but Zayn... *sigh* You said it best, "He's the Kevin Jonas of 1D." Let's keep it at that. So, yesterday (because this happens quite often) I stayed awake until 1 am because I was watching their music videos OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN. Sometimes I don't get why I do it... I just do. And then I see all these posts on fb about girl being, "I'm ashamed to say this, but I like this song." ASHAMED?! Psh. Those silly girls. I am not ashamed at all. I screamed when they appeared in SNL and my whole family thought I was crazy. I watched that performance several times. I mean, it's Tuesday and that was... Saturday, so yeah. It's getting pretty bad. I started reading fanfiction, too. Sue me. I was reading it while I was in my Electronics class and I wanted to laugh so badly, but I couldn't. How can I explain to other people (GUYS, to be exact) that I'm enjoying some regular fanfiction about a British boy band, eh? The answer is... there's no way I can explain this. IT'S GETTING BAD.



  6. Hi Abbi! I'm a friend of Marci's. Your blog cracks me up. I have a terrible love for these boys...my husband thinks I'm a freak. But I really don't care. Example: I was introducing my girls to their music when he came home for lunch today...he just looked at me, laughed, and said, "Guess you have to start them early, right?" At least he gets me. :)

  7. Ahh thanks for posting those amazing videos! I was like you and saw them all over Tumblr and looked them up. Then it was like all of a sudden people in America started talking about them! Harry is by far my favorite. The only weird thing is that I'm older than all but one of them! :)

  8. Hey,new poster here. I made my way over here from busybeelauren and I love your blog. The title is the best!

    I've only heard "what makes you beautiful" but I love it. The first time I heard it,my boy band instincts kicked in. It was so dang catchy! I was dancing in my car. It's playing on my iPod constantly in the car and my kids love it. Awe.some.

    I've always had a weakness for boy bands. This is going to date me but I loved NKOTB when I was in junior high...so very much. Then BSB and Nsync came along. I enjoyed most of BSB's music but I was nuts over Nsync. LOVED THEM! I was fangirlin' like nobody's business. The best part was that I was a 22 year old and I could afford to go to concerts without having to beg my parents for the money. Now I'm in my 30's and I am all about The Hunger Games. Obsess much? Yes..yes I do. Thank you tumblr for supplying me with all the goodies that I could ever want. Amen.

  9. Did I tell you I watched Liam's live videos? Because...

    Also, did I tell you I have to listen to their album as I get ready, every day?

    I think it important to note that 1D is playing right now, as I type this. And my coworker just said, "Is this Justin Bieber?"

    *jaw lock*

  10. i was hooked the first time WMYB came out.
    they are lovely.
    hours are spent watching video after video of them.
    its became an addiction that i am not ashamed of.
    i love them all dearly.
    but, harry styles is my main man.