Wednesday, April 4, 2012

"you like stuff"

this week i've found myself thinking a lot about this quote from john green: (one of my top 10 favorite humans of all time)

“…because nerds like us are allowed to be unironically enthusiastic about stuff… Nerds are allowed to love stuff, like jump-up-and-down-in-the-chair-can’t-control-yourself love it. Hank, when people call people nerds, mostly what they’re saying is ‘you like stuff.’ Which is just not a good insult at all. Like, ‘you are too enthusiastic about the miracle of human consciousness’.”

and here's the thing:
i. love. stuff.
rarely ever do i have lukewarm feelings on something.
either i deeply, passionately hate it, or i am deeply, passionately, can't-shut-up-about-it in love with it.
part of what's so wonderful about the friends i've made through blogging over the last two years is that so many of them love stuff too. 
a few friends i've known for years understand my love for stuff, but most don't. 
i'm usually compared to (and rightfully so) that girl at the end of mean girls who doesn't even go here- "i just have a lot of feelings."

but you know what?
i am not ashamed.
i may get overly invested in things that seem trivial, but it doesn't matter.
i think it's better to love a million little things, rather than just one.

and yeah, years later i look back and i am often WILDLY embarrassed by the things i was deeply passionate about, but i'm still happy i loved them.

and just because i can, here are some of the things i have loved most in my lifetime. 

chad michael murray.

y'all i don't even know where this love even came from. i was obsessed with him years before i ever even watched one tree hill. but i had a life size poster of him in my room and (when they were married) a folder of pictures on my computer of sophia bush called "sophia bush man stealer." 


i was in middle school when i discovered degrassi, and you guys, i became a MONSTER. i had a poster hanging in my room that i had made, with a tiny picture of each character, then i drew color coded lines between them based on how they related to each other. 
(don't even talk to me about what the show is like now. i cannot even. recently i was reading an article about it in entertainment weekly, and they were like talking about how the new season of degrassi "totally goes there" (OBVIOUSLY) and as i was reading the description of the new season i thought "oh, AIDS, been there done that. drug use, been there done that. love between step siblings OKAY THAT'S NEW.")

lizzie and gordo. 

i shipped the two of them before i even knew what shipping was.
and okay, let's be real, i own all the lizzie mcguire dvds, and i have watched the episode where lizzie dates that skeezy guy ronnie and then gordo sees them kiss like PROBABLY a million times, because he is so obviously in love with her.
when she kissed him in the movie, my sixth grade self burst into tears, right there in the theater.

that kid from a series of unfortunate events.

honestly, i couldn't even remember his name (it's liam aiken) and i just had to look it up, but good lord was i obsessed with this kid.
i went and saw that movie like 4 times in theaters and i was so in love.
i bought this weird postcard book that was basically pictures from the movie, and i hoarded the ones of him like GOLD. 
and then i made a collage of them right next to my bed so that i could look at it when i fell asleep.
i don't even know, you guys.

i could literally go on and on, but i think you get the point.
and if we're being honest, my behavior hasn't really changed, just the stuff i like has.
my more recent love of things (josh hutcherson, one direction, doctor who, the hunger games, ETC) is just as weird and obsessive as these things.
but no shame.

what are some of the things YOU have deeply loved, or love currently?


  1. Abbi. I want to hug you so bad. For many years I have tried to explain to people my tendencies to feel deeply. Like, if I hate something...I HATE IT. Or if I love something, well, you know...because you have seen me.

    *jaw lock*

    Okay, I am DYING over the Series of Unfortunate Events dude. Like, DEAD. Is there fanfic about him?

  2. It's like we are the same person. I LOVE this post!

  3. This was awesome. I feel the same way. And your love of Liam Aiken (and let's be honest, he WAS awesome) was akin to my love for Jeremy Sumpter aka the Hottest Peter Pan.

    eliesa @ good day, sunshine

  4. liamaikinluvr?

    please tell me that was the screen name.

    Seriously, I am dying reading this because we are the same. I LOVE LOVING STUFF.

  5. hahaha! Omg laughing at the Liam Aiken thing. I was the same way with Justin Timberlake back in the N'SYNC days, I made a collage on my wall by my bed... except I'm not sure if you could call it a collage... basically just cut his head (yep just his head) out of a ton of magazines and taped them on my wall. haha, embarrassing.

  6. okay, this post just made me oh so happy! i am right there with you, i either obsessively love or loath entirely! and lizzie and gordo just gets me giddy every time. i can't tell you how insanely jealous i am that you have all the DVD's. i need to get on that asap.
    and for some reason, the main episode i always remember is the one where lizzie is really good at ribbon dancing, and kate tries to sabotage her performance. ha
    xo TJ

  7. Thank you for describing my same feelings/obsessive tendencies. What did people do before internet?? I bet they just never found the people just like them, who just LOVE STUFF. Some of my recent deep loves: Doctor Who, Sonny with a Chance (aka Chad Dylan Cooper), The Jonas Brothers, The Hunger Games... okay, I should stop. The list is too long.

  8. I love stuff too! And OMG can we talk about how I was a sophomore in highschool when the Lizzie movie came out and I went to see it and also cried when she and Gordo kissed at the end. I still have the soundtrack on my ipod, and occasionally listen to it. I know, I'm awesome. Stuff I love now: Hunger Games, Josh Hutcherson ,New Girl, Tennis (the band), Fun. (also a band), Game of Thrones, and I'll stop before my list is longer than your delightful post.

  9. THANK YOU for defining my life ahaha. None of my friends understand why I get SO EXCITED or SO DEPRESSED when things happen. I'm sorry my life is thrilling. the end. :)

  10. Oh my gosh! Totally understand this! Usually I'm this way with my crushes in real life as well as my love for different celebrities... like oh leo during the titanic years or JTT... more currently Ryan Gosling and nautical stuff and boys with beards, but more of the sailor/lumberjack type. For a while it was guys with long-ish (straightened) hair and skinny jeans because I was into that music scene. The long time crushes though always had a little more meat on their bones. That's a tangent though.
    Point is, I totally get it and I understand and agree fully.

  11. Omwow. I just found your blog via another blog and was like... this is cool. Then I saw this post and holy wow. Some of the things you have been obsessed about? I was totally obsessed about them too! And like the randomest things! That kid from A Series of Unfortunate Events!? Yes!! When I was younger I thought he was the shiiiz. And Lizzie and Gordo? I had a seventh-grade-crush on Gordo. Kinda embarrassing. :) Love your blog!