Wednesday, June 13, 2012

goin' on a roadtrip!

tomorrow, nick and i leave bright and early (more like dark because it will be so early) for arizona!
our itinerary includes a stop at the grand canyon, seeing bestie lauren, eating lots of food and trying not to literally melt.
we are also hoping that the 12 hour car ride will strengthen our relationship, rather than make us want to kill each other entirely.
(he's really looking forward to the fact that justin bieber's new album comes out the day before we come back. he knows it will be just 12 solid hours of me, him and the biebs.)

but planning for this roadtrip has got me thinking about ones i've taken in the past.
like the time my mom, dad, sister and i piled into the smallest vehicle ever manufactured by a car company, and drove all the way to dallas straight through.
or the time my mom and i drove to lubbock and got so bored that she made me teach her all the words to "i'm yours" by jason mraz.
or the time my roommates and i drove to indiana, and the windshield wipers stopped working in the middle of what was basically a hurricane.
or the other time that my roommates and i drove to indiana and i was so busy dancing to ke$ha that i literally almost hit the uhaul in front of me. 

and then i think, well it can't be worse than that, right?

(i'm like 98% kidding, i'm over the moon excited about this trip.)

and now i'd like to know...
how did you pass the time when you've gone on roadtrips?
and what are your roadtrip horror stories?


  1. Excellent playlists are totally in order for road trips. But since y'all will have Biebs you totally have that covered so I'm not worried.

    Roadtrip horror stories include all those times that I always have to pee really bad and we end up stopping at one of those gas stations that looks like a hideout for headhunters or something.

    Roadtrip advice: stop at an exit with a nice hotel and use the bathrooms in their lobby. Always nice and clean :)

  2. Every time Steele and I take a road trip, I fall asleep and he drives. Hah.

  3. Laughing out loud. Literally. HOW DO I FORGET THESE THINGS?!