Wednesday, June 20, 2012

instas from arizona.

home sweet home!
real pictures will be up a little later, but here's a few snapshots from the week.
it was a week filled with long drives, good food, sweet friends, and lots of laughs. 
(and quite a bit of justin bieber)
traveling with your best friend is the best thing there is. 

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  1. A year into our relationship, Vito & I did the 14 hour drive down to FL. It definitely makes or breaks your relationship!

    A horror story? How about being trapped on a bus with high schools for the 14 hour drive to FL. Most of these HS students are sun burnt and ready to be home (my seat mate had sun poisoning). And the tire blows in the middle of the night on the way home. Yeaaaaah not cool.

    Or being in a 14 person van with fellow 8th graders when the van dies on the side of the road on the way home from a field trip. After it almost blew up and we could only go 30 mph on the high way. And people were honking and flipping us off. Did I went to a Christian middle school? Oh yeah, it was fun!

    Road trips can either be amazing or terribly terrible!