Saturday, September 10, 2011

a wonderful week.

Do you ever have one of those weeks where most everything seems to go right?
 That was this week for me. 

In my children's literature class, we started our study on The Hunger Games. Yep. The Hunger Games.
And since all I've ever wanted in my life is to talk about THG, being told to talk about it is essentially a dream come true. 
(I actually think I freaked out some of the girls in my group. Because I'm usually fairly put together when we have group discussions. But when it comes to The Hunger Games, I am fangirling monster.)

I got to enjoy some cloudy days, which we welcomed with open arms. Being able to turn the fans off in our house was a beautiful moment. 

I received a kind and generous letter from a stranger. 

I spent some time with my sweet roommates, laughing over ridiculous pictures of us, new and old.

I sent a little letter off to Allison :) Sending mail is FUN. 

And perhaps my favorite part of the week...turning my best friend Paige into a Whovian. She'd been stuck on season one, so we finally finished it and are well into season two. If you're all caught up on Who, I suggest going back and watching it all over again. It's almost better the second time.

And tonight we'll be going to church, having friends over for dinner, and there's a new episode of Doctor Who on. 

A wonderful week, indeed.
What was the best part of your week??


  1. The best part of my week was re-watching Who with my sister, getting a Pumpkin Spice Latte and dying over "Dead Hearts".

  2. I loved us texting during Doctor Who. It was brilliant! I can't wait until Tuesday, when I get my share of Arthur ;) And to be able to talk about THG in class. I'm so jealous!

    The best part of my week was probably going to the Braves game on Friday. Although my beloved Bravos lost to the Cards, I still got to wear my Braves tshirt and yell my head off. I love me some baseball.

  3. That sounds like an awesome week. I am super jealous of your children's literature class. Such a good idea for a class. And starting with The Hunger Games? Amazing.

    And I loved the pictures of you and your roommates. Looks like you have a lot of fun together!

  4. Hi! My name is Amanda, and I'm taking a Children's Lit class this semester too! The Hunger Games is on our syllabus. And I'm already prepared to dominate class discussion when the time comes.