Tuesday, September 13, 2011

on being a big girl.

I've always been afraid of everything.
(If you are all caught up on Doctor Who, I'm like George from Night Terrors.)

And this is the first time I've really lived on my own. The last two years I lived in the dorms, sharing a room with at least one other girl. And the dorms feel safe, because there's all sorts of locks and security and tons and tons of people around you at all times.

But now I'm living in a big girl house, and that changes things. 
We've lived here a little over 3 weeks, and surprisingly, I haven't been scared. 
Well, last night our sense of security was a little shaken. 

Around 11:30 last night, we were all in our rooms, most of us about to go to bed, when the doorbell rang. 
Irrational person that I am, no matter the time of day, a ringing doorbell puts me on edge. 
Because even if it's 2 o'clock in the afternoon, if someone unexpectedly rings the doorbell, my mind automatically says, "Abbi, someone's here to kill you."
(Told you I was irrational.)

So when I'm in bed ready to go to sleep and someone rings my doorbell?
Yeah. It's all over.

We were terrified to go see who was outside, so we waited about 5 minutes, then went and looked out our front window. Luckily no one was on the porch, but we noticed a van parked out on the street that had all it's doors open. 
And I don't mean like a mini van.
I mean a van that you use to kidnap people.
Which is kind of a game changer.

We've been having some weird things happen to us lately, like a man taking pictures of our house, and people ringing our doorbell at night before (though never this late.)

So we called our friend Chris, and had him come over to investigate.
While we waited for him, we heard a noise out on our porch, like someone walking around.

Looking back now, it's completely comical. Six girls, huddled together on the dining room floor, armed with whatever we had around us (which was really just a huge kitchen knife, an vintage rotary telephone and a lamp.)

Eventually, with the help of Chris and the local police (who actually weren't that helpful at all) we were able to have our minds put at ease. 

I think sometimes it's easy to forget that we are 6 girls who live in a real house and are responsible for our own safety. We haven't always been as cautious as we should be.

Tonight we'll be double checking the locks :) 

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  1. I totally understand this feeling. Being out on your own can be creepy. I sometimes wake up from a dead sleep thinking someone is in the room with me...but really it's just the air conditioning making noise. I've had my doorbell ring late at night too, and it's horrifying. Stay safe ma'am. Or maybe call to the Doctor for help? Just make sure you don't have any doll houses in your cupboard.