Thursday, September 29, 2011

on wednesday i didn't get dressed. on thursday i did.

*Disclaimer: this post is a jumble of things that do not fit together and should be put in separate posts, but I am too lazy to do so.

Sometimes I think there will never be a human lazier than me. 
I'm serious.

Yesterday I went for a run.
And I know you're thinking, "Abbi, that's like the opposite of lazy."
But here's what happened afterwards.

I did not shower.
I did not get dressed. 
I did not leave the house.
I made a grilled cheese, then ate about 30 twizzlers, 10 laffy taffy's and a cherry sucker.
And then I watched 6 hours of Supernatural. 

You guys. Have you seen Supernatural? This show is awesome.
I just started the first season. I never watched it when it first started, because back then I was a brat and thought anything that wasn't 'real life' was stupid.
(But looking backing, was Marissa Cooper shooting Trey Atwood really that realistic?)
Basically, this show is filling the void that I am about to have since Doctor Who is ending for the season. 
I highly recommend it. 

But then today, I made some major changes to my life.
Like bathing. 
And getting dressed.
And leaving my house. 
And Paige and I took a little spontaneous trip to Hastings.

Bottom line?
Whether I'm leaving the house or not, I'm feeling pretty good about my life.


  1. If only I looked as put together and gorgeous as you every time I decided to leave the house. If only.

    And Paige?? I can't even handle it.

  2. Feel good about your life! You are funny! I like the breakdown of what you ate. Very cute pictures.


  3. I love those days where you don't shower/get dressed/veg out. In fact, that was my day yesterday. Then I decided today I was going to shower, so I could do laundry. My hair was a hot mess.

    I used to watch Supernatural, then I stopped. Some other show (can't remember what) took its place in my tv line up. The earlier seasons are my favorites. Classic rock and a killer black Impala...and 2 gorgeous boys. LOVE!

    PS: Where did you get that skirt? It's gorgeous!

  4. So this post kind of made me fall in love with you (in a non-creepster way), and your text with Lauren on her post today sealed the deal. You are amazing.