Monday, September 5, 2011

a weekend at home.

It was a weekend full of....

(Me forgetting my camera...)

Spending some quality time outside.

Painting, painting, painting!

Spending a lot of time listening to this, this, and this.  

Watching Doctor Who on Saturday night, and thrifting adventures with my dearest Kate.

We found some real gems...
(We found some actual gems too.)

Went to see The Help (again) with my mama, and drooled over the full length trailer (!!!) for Like Crazy. I'm sick about how much I want to see it. 

Then spent some time today soaking up a little sun. 

I love being up at school, but there's nothing quite like going home. 


  1. Yay this! I like this.

    We found ALL the gems.

    Thanks for such a delightful weekend! <3

  2. Ooh, pretty pictures! And yay for thrifting with Kate! Nothing like finding treasure with a good friend!