Sunday, August 19, 2012

bye, summer.

i've got those scary, first day of school butterflies in my stomach that i haven't felt in 3 years. 
starting a new school is terrifying.
i know it shouldn't be, i'm a senior and i've already done this song and dance.
but i feel like a freshman all over again, not knowing the campus or the buildings or anyone.

it feels like the ultimate sunday night, today does.
but it has been a wonderful summer.
today when we went to lunch, nick and i were talking about what our favorite moments of the summer were, and i started to feel the kind of sad mixed with happy that only john green can put words to.

 we went to arizona and saw some favorite friends. i went zip lining for the first time. we miraculously (!) got tickets to see the book of mormon. i read and read and read. nick and i spent an obscene amount of time watching the game show network. i moved to a new house. i fell more and more in love. 

like all things, this is a season (literally and figuratively, see what i did there?) and i know it must end.
i can't wait to see what the next season of my life has in store. 
but for now, for tonight, i am nostalgic and sad and a little bit nervous. 

bye bye, summer. 


  1. SO glad you had an amazing summer!! But don't be nervous... school's going to be even better! Good luck Abbi :)

  2. I can say with full confidence you will be the COOLEST kid on campus. Love you Abbi!

    (and if you forget how to act socially normal with your peers, just look to LOL for advice.)

  3. This is gonna be me next Sunday. You're gonna rock it Abbi, just like you do everywhere you go. ILU.

  4. I always feel sad as Summer comes to an end, even after I've been out of college for over a year. Even though I haven't had a Summer off since early high school. But it sounds like you've had an amazing summer full of wonderful memories and you are ready to take on a new school! I am sure it'll be great because you are great! <3