Friday, August 10, 2012

back to school.

welp. it's almost that time again. 
while the thought of going back to school (and starting a new one! eep!) is nerve-wracking, shopping for school supplies is my FAVORITE.
(it makes me want to send bouquets of newly sharpened pencils.)

here's a few things i want so badly it hurts. 

1. this backpack. i broke down last week and ordered it. the first time i've carried a backpack since 5th grade, y'all.
2. this great gatsby kindle case. I NEED IT. i've had the same case for 2 years and recently spilled nail polish on the backside of it, so this feels like the perfect time to buy it.
3. this dress. p l e a s e.
4. this super cool pencil sharpener.
5. these pencils. YOU GUYS. these are pencils with the names of tv's ultimate power couples from the 90's on them. I WANT THEM SO MUCH. 

happy back to school!


  1. LOVE that kindle case!! Seriously, so adorable! Can you believe I've never even read the book? Guess what I'm going to download on my kindle this very second.... :)

  2. Personally I love the Yoda backpacks, but that's prolly just the inner geek in me. But the dress???? YES PLEASE!

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  3. I love back to school. That dress = gorgeous. Yes please.
    I definitely want some bouquets of sharpened pencils now. It's a plan.

  4. You need the dress. Get the dress. Get it.

  5. Ahh love the Great Gatsby case! I want!! I need a kindle first don't i?? lol :)