Thursday, February 9, 2012

happy international pizza day.

pictures from this last week.

it's been a good week. 
last thursday i went home for the weekend, and we got hit with a TON of snow.
which was so nice.
i got to stay in, watch the entire first season of game of thrones, and go sledding with kate!
i also went to see a movie by myself, for the first time ever.
i think we all see going to the movies alone as a bad thing.
but you know what? 
i didn't have to worry about anyone else, and whether they liked it or not.
it was kind of liberating.
(and you know, as beyonce said. "all the women, who are independent, throw your hands up at me.")

ps. happy international pizza day to all!
did you celebrate??
i did.
(but to be fair, every day is kind of like international pizza day for me.)
if anyone has ever wondered, "hm. i wonder what that abbi girl is all about."
they need only watch this.


  1. I love this and I love you. Miss you every day. Eat extra pizza for me.

  2. I showed this video to my roommates after you posted it and we were crying. CRYING TEARS OF JOY. ALL BECAUSE OF YOU.


  3. I know that book! But I can't for the life of me figure out which one it is! Please put me out of my misery!

  4. Hihi! I just found your blog and I just needed to say I know that pizza song by heart...I loveeeed that movie. Gimme Pizza!