Monday, January 9, 2012

when raven came.

Last week I got to finally meet one of my very best friends in the whole world.

I found Raven's tumblr in May of last year, and I knew immediately that she was my soulmate. 
I sent her a message, telling her exactly that, and from then on we were inseparable.
Well, as inseparable as two people can be when they're separated by several states.

In October we started talking about her coming to visit me, but I never, ever thought it would happen. 
The more we talked about it though, the more real it became. 
And as an early Christmas present, Raven got a plane ticket. 

We spent four days together, and it was the best part of my Christmas break, and possibly one of the best weeks of my life. 
It felt like we had known each other forever, and were just picking up where we left off.
She wrote an unbelievably beautiful post about it that you can read here

It sounds crazy, traveling to a different state to meet someone you've been friends with for months, but have never actually met.
But you know what?
It wasn't weird at all.

It was perfect.


  1. **cyber hug**

    Meeting your eBestie is amazing! I am so happy that you have gotten the A++ experience! <3