Thursday, December 1, 2011


I'm messy.
Sloppy, unorganized, unkempt, whatever you want to call it...
I am. 
God bless the man who someday marries me.
And let's hope that he's not messy too, or else TLC will be contracting a new show for us just weeks into our marriage. 
I actually love organization, I'm just too lazy to keep up with it.
And with the semester coming to a close, my room has been worse than ever before. 

Love me through it, y'all. 
So yesterday I finally broke down and cleaned it. 
(My procrastination about cleaning usually looks something like this.)
And then I remembered how lovely my room can look when it's clean. 

(Line from a Hercules song next to a Bible verse. Nailed it.)

Someday I'll learn to pick up things as I go, rather than waiting 3 weeks then spending hours cleaning.
But that day is not today. 

I'm going to miss this little room during Christmas break. 

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  1. I love & adore the idea of being organized and yet I never am. I was the person who at the beginning of every school year, I'd get a planner and say "this year, I'm going to be organized and on top of things!" It never, ever lasted more than a few weeks. Maybe one day. I'm hoping once I have my own place, I'll get my life together!