Tuesday, December 6, 2011

end of the semester.

One more final and I'm outta here. 

Reasons I'm excited to be done with school:
- I won't have to freeze to death in my own home, because my mom can afford to keep our heater above like 60 degrees.

- I won't have any responsibilities for an entire month. I am horrible with responsibility. (I am/will make a terrible adult.)

- I will be able to eat real food. It's at that point in the semester when I don't want to buy any new food because I can't eat it all in time, so I'm attempting to live off the food I have left. But eating cookie dough and peanut butter pretzels for every meal might literally kill me.*

- It means it's almost time for me to see Raven.

- I can watch as much television as I want and no one can say, "Abbi, don't you have something else you could be doing?" Not now I don't.

Reasons I'm not excited to be done with school:
- Hahahahaha. Just kidding. There aren't any. 

* I'm kidding, kind of.


  1. Plus, you'll probably get to see me.

  2. Do I not make the list? :( :( :(

  3. Congrats on being done! My hubby just finished all his and I'm over the moon excited. And I haven't read Delirium yet but it's next on my list!!! Thanks for reminding me!

  4. For the last two weeks at school I lived off of ramen, pasta and olive oil, peanut butter, and hummus. It was a sad sight. And I firmly believe the only way to spend winter break is with a Netflix full of television shows, so you're well on your way!