Thursday, October 11, 2012


 pitch perfect. y'all, you have probably seen me talking about it on twitter and tumblr, but if i can't talk about it on every from of social media then what is the point of this. it good. i saw it twice in one week (once with kate, once with nick) and it's still nOT ENOUGH. go see it if you haven't. go.

the casual vacancy, kind of. guys TO BE HONEST i am having a hard time getting into it? i'm not very far into it so i don't think i can accurately judge, but. have any of you read it? what do you think of it?


MY CRUUIIIISSSEEE!!! i leave in TWO. DAYS. (it'll be pretty quiet over here (though....isn't it usually? oops.) but there will be something happening over on my tumblr, as always.) also, my birthday. in exactly 7 days.

listening to:
50% pitch perfect soundtrack, 50% taylor swift's new single(s)

working on:
fitting all my clothes into one carry on suitcase. why must i always overpack.

i didn't have to take a test in my nutrition class tomorrow. it's the only thing standing in the way between me and birthday week! 


  1. so excited for your trip! Can't wait to see all your pretty pictures!!!

    (still haven't picked up Casual Vacancy but it's killing me that I don't have Dark Places yet either!)

  2. I'm about half-way through The Casual Vacancy.. And I don't know. It's still pretty uninteresting. It's like a study in how horrible normal people are to each other.

    This reminds me we share our birthday! I don't have a cruise to go on though. I'm looking forward to a day off work. Haha.

  3. Abbi, what am I going to do without you while you are on your cruise? More importantly: how am I going to survive if I can't see PP again soon?! This is an actual real 911 situation. pls send help. (like, a life saver from your fancy boat or something.)

    But really I am not ok without our saturday Who hang outs. I miss you a lot a lot. Once you're back, can we resume AT LEAST weekly hang outs? Because Grad school is coming far too soon and I need my Abbi fix...

    Ok? Good? Good. Done.

  4. Girl, when did you get so cute? Hmm?

  5. Cruise update stat!

    Pitch Perfect I can't wait to see it

  6. i am nearly done with casual vacancy.
    lovin' it.
    its different.
    but i like it.

    you're cute.

  7. I love the Race for a Cure pic. <3

    I still have not seen PP or read Casual Vacancy. Basically, I'm falling behind on life and I need to fix that asap.

  8. Cruise cruise! I hope you loved it. A few years ago I went on a cruise with one of my current flatmates, and even though it was years ago, we bring up how much we loved 'cruise food' at least weekly. Happy (late) birthday!