Monday, March 26, 2012

a love letter

a few snapshots from my weekend in AZ.

to my internet friends.
i'm feeling nostalgic after this weekend.
as you might know, it's been a very different semester for me. two of my very best friends left to study abroad, and while they are certainly not the only close friends i have, it definitely rocked my world.
i've been a lot quieter this semester, tucked myself away, simply because i wanted to.
i like being by myself a lot of the time, and i've gotten pretty good at it.
(two weeks ago i went to a friday night 9:55 showing of john carter by myself and i'm not even gonna lie, it was great.)
but i am above all, a person who just can't shut up.
and as much as i like watching 18 straight episodes of say yes to the dress on netflix by myself (and i do) 
i also need to talk to people.
and the friends i've made through twitter, tumblr, and here have taken care of me.
they've been there for me, through thick and thin, made me laughed till i cried, checked on me when i got kidney stones (AGAIN) and loved me at my best and my worst. 
and i am meeting more of these people each day. 
(if we don't know each other, let's be friends.)

so here's to you, if we've ever talked.
(i really do mean all of you.)
whether it's just been just a tweet here and there, or if you've stayed up all night with me, texting and skyping, you have made a difference to me.


  1. I love you so much and next summer after I graduate I am going to visit you - hold me to it. Every time I see you post on Tumblr, Twitter, or Instagram I am reminded how lucky I am to have met such a gorgeous person and made a friend like you.

  2. I love you so glad we got to be better friends this weekend! CANNOT WAIT to hangout again, whenever that may be.

  3. Isn't this little community amazing? I've just found you & I think I'm gonna be a regular about these parts (: x

  4. I know we're kind of new internet friends, but I think you're just so awesome and I hope we get to chat even more :) <3

  5. Aw! What a sweet post.
    I love bloggers. :)

  6. Oh girl in the yellow cardigan, you know you are one of my favorite people on this earth. Never change. And I don't mean that in a yearbook way but in a literal way. LOVE YOU!

  7. So I'm a never spoken to you before follower, because I just found you from Busy Bee Lauren and I was waiting until your first new post to comment. Hi! Let's be friends!

    Also, I'm mucho impressed that you went to see a movie alone. I'd like to think I could do that, but I'm not sure I could.

  8. i love this so much.
    lovely, lovely blog girl. :)

    love, rach. om

  9. I love you so much. You know this.

  10. I feel like we're almost in the same boat. Maybe not the same boat, but perhaps comparable aquatic vessels that are just sort of bobbing up and down next to each other, being sent up and down again on the same series of waves yet being affected in their own way. The point of this terribly developed and frankly drawn-out boat metaphor is that the two closest friends I made during my freshman year of college transferred back home to separate parts of the country (California and Florida, to be exact), leaving me feeling vulnerable and rather alone, so perhaps I can empathize with you at least on some minute level. I had always valued my "alone time," but once in a while it's nice to know that there are other, understanding individuals who value you. I value you. I know you're in the process of making some pretty big changes and I'd like to let you know that I'm here. Just for you. I'm literally sitting in front of my computer waiting to provide support, staring at the screen waiting for you. Actually, I'm not literally doing that. Just figuratively. Just to clear that up.