Tuesday, February 19, 2013

remember me?

it's been a while.
how are you?
i'm well.
here's what been new with me.

1. one of my sweet friends maggie had a 7 hour layover in denver, so i got to spend the day with her! she is a living doll you guys, so adorable and sweet and my soulmate.
2. i got some of the BEST valentines in the mail (many of them lizzie bennet diaries themed) and they made my day.
3. i went and saw beautiful creatures by myself on valentine's day (NO SHAME) and you guys...i'm not entirely ready to talk about it yet, but...i think i hated it. i don't think anyone who made that film even read the book. i don't know y'all. have you seen it? what did you think?
4. i have now reinstated the pinned back bangs that haven't been seen since i was a senior in high school four years ago. grow bangs grow!
5. paige and i (and nick and jessica!) went and saw ed sheeran! this was the second time paige and i saw him, because as some of you may remember, we went to a private show of his in december! both shows were TOTALLY different and TOTALLY amazing. i mean it, i think ed sheeran is one of the greatest musicians of our time.
6. nick and i didn't get to see each other on valentine's day, so we celebrated the day before, and let me just tell you guys this. he said "no gifts" so i made him a cheesy card and that was that. he took me out to dinner, and when we got back to his house, i walked into his room and two presents and a card were sitting on his bed. and i was like "excuse u." so i open the card and IT'S A TFiOS CARD. IT HAS THE TWO CLOUDS AND "OKAY? OKAY." ON IT. SO I'M CRYING BEFORE I EVEN READ THE DANG CARD. but then i read what he wrote and cried more. he got me celeste and jesse forever (and taped our names over theirs) and a new dvd player because mine was broken. this boy, i tell ya.

in other, non-pictured news:

-me and several of my dearest friends (we now refer to ourselves as the LBD support group) did a lizzie bennet diaries inspired google+ hangout on the 200th anniversary of pride and prejudice and made it on the official LBD tumblr. it was a pretty big night for us. (laura spencer said we win LIFE!)
-i'm still obsessed with the lizzie bennet diaries. can you tell? (do you watch it?)
-i'm. SO. excited for the oscars. the oscars are my THING, you guys. every year i see every movie and set aside an entire day to focus on it. this year nick and i will be going to the kress cinema with paige for their oscars event, where you dress up and they have food and drinks and broadcast the awards show on their big screen! i am thrilled. (my money's on argo to win. it was the best movie i saw in 2012.)
-i recently fell in love with squaresville, which you should watch.

i hope you guys are having a great week! 


  1. love this post! LBD foeva! Also i saw beautiful creatures (without reading the book first- i know all kinds of shame.) and i thought it was funny & i liked it... but now I'm reading the book...

    I am also in the grow bangs grow phase. it is awful.

  2. So basically I'm now in love with you -- because I'm in love with Maggie, and so, by syllogism (obviously) I have to love you. You seem so wonderful! So excited to follow (and go through all your existing posts... what? who said that?)

  3. Nice to see you posting again :)

  4. Abbi, I love the Oscar's too!! I've seen 7/9 of the best movie category this year. I'm trying to throw together a themed watch party for some family friends! The event you are going to sounds super fun! My favorite of the year was Argo, but I have a feeling Lincoln will win.

  5. I forgot about the Lizzie Bennet diaries! I was watching it at the start and then it just dropped off my brain. Thanks for reminding me about it. Plus, I do love tumblr so I can add the LBD one to my list!
    Also people keep talking about Ed Sheeran, thinking I should check him out too!

  6. I just discovered this blog of yours, Abbi. Goodness gracious, you are wonderful. Can we be friends all over again? You should write more, if you have some spare time :) Love love love, Shannon