Thursday, December 6, 2012

this is the "before" part on a episode of intervention.

i have lost all ability to speak in one tense, so i know that this post is all over the place, okay? i know.

i don't know how it happened.
(okay i mean i kind of do, but.)

a while ago i started watching the lizzie bennet diaries.
which, if you don't know what lbd is, it's basically a modern day pride and prejudice, told through a vlog developed by bernie su and the brilliant hank green and it is EXCELLENT.

so i'm watching roughly like 15-20 episodes a day of the lizzie bennet diaries and i'm like "man. this is bringing back some great pride and prejudice memories." 

and then a few weeks ago i was on tumblr, and i don't even know who it was, but SOMEBODY must have just watched the keira knightley version of it, because there were about a million photosets of it on my dash. and i'm sitting there thinking, "MAN it's been a long time since i watched that movie. maybe i should watch it, especially since i've had p&p on the brain lately" and at that very moment kate texted me and was like "abbi i am seeing all this pride and prejudice on your tumblr and i have to watch it right now?!" and i was like, "KATE. sit down, shut up, and i will find us a link to watch it online," only i said it nicer than that.

so we watched it. and guess what? it was perfect. one of the most visually stunning films i've ever seen, and it was better than i remembered.

and then the next night, i'm sitting on my bed and i thought "...would it be weird if i watched that movie again tonight?"
so i watched it again.

i watched it 4 times that week.

(as kate put it, "well it's a day that ends in y, so i'm off to watch pride and prejudice."

and on black friday i looked on amazon and of course the dvd copy of it was only 5 dollars, and i was sick of watching it on my computer, so i bought it.

and then i was like, "well i can't find my copy of the book, so i guess i should just go buy another copy of it."

and then on cyber monday i was looking on amazon again, and the bbc version with colin firth which is also excellent was on sale FOR LIKE 6000% OFF, so i had to buy that too.

and you guys, if we can be real for a second, when i received all of these things in the mail, i had a moment where i sat on my floor and i put all of these versions of pride and prejudice around me in a circle. and i just sat there in silence and gazed at all of them lovingly. 

i have now become a person who tries to fit pride and prejudice into every day conversation. the other day nick and i were talking about a friend who has unrealistic standards in women, and i almost blurted out, "SOUNDS LIKE A REGULAR DARCY, AMIRITE"

this is who i am now.



    (No, seriously, should we form some sort of club? Can we mail each other P&P themed things when I move to Boston?)

    (P.S.: When you're done with finals should we probably get together and watch again? Maybe have, like, a themed party? Tea? Scones?--I make a wicked scone. Also we could read together and have a really one-note book club!)

  2. I'm obsessed with lizzie bennet diaries too! And totally just watched pride & prejudice right after I caught up on all the videos. Its so good....

  3. Oh yes. Welcome to the dark side, we have plenty of Darcy's and wet shirts ;)

  4. Oh welcome to the P&P family my dear :) Can't wait till you start speaking in P&P movie quotes along with us :)
    "Dancing, if ones partner is barley tolerable"
    I love TLD too! So good ;)

  5. YES. I LOVE PRIDE & PREJUDICE. I've never heard of The Lizzie Bennet Diaries so obviously I'm now going to have to dedicate my life to it. OKAY SWEET hahaha thanks for sharing