Tuesday, November 13, 2012


nick. i know that's cliche and i don't want to be ~that girl on my blog, because i know i love him and you know i love him so we don't need to talk about it all the time. but this man is patient, and kind, and is loving me through all the crazy that i am.  it's been a rough couple of days lately, and i read this article in a magazine that was like "are you a highly sensitive person??" so i took the quiz and to no one's surprise, i am. the day after the election i was feeling so run down by seeing negativity everywhere, so nick, saint that he is, took me to see wreck it ralph. it was the CUTEST movie, and i was feeling so much better, until i checked my phone and had several texts from friends telling me about the horrible things people had been saying to/about them. poor nick. i spent the entire car ride sobbing, going "i don't know why people are so mean!" and luckily he did not tell me to suck it up, or rub some dirt in it, or whatever men say to each other. he just holds my hand, or kisses my forehead, or tries his hardest to make me laugh. i have done nothing to deserve someone this patient, so i am grateful for him. 

why we broke up. it is SO good and y'all should read it. but it's about to be put on the back burner, because REACHED COMES OUT TODAY. last year when crossed came out, lauren and i read the entire book in a day and exchanged over 300 texts about it. it was beautiful. 
but i also need to mention, if you didn't see my 7 tweets about it, you HAVE to read every day by david levithan. i believe every once in a while, a book comes along that changes the way you read. this is one of those books. read it.

buffy the vampire slayer (still.) at this point i can't even tell if i like this dumb show anymore or if i just like the feeling of my heart being ripped out and spit on, over and over and over again. 

SYDNEY IS COMING TO SEE ME. IN TWO DAYS. we are going to laugh and cry and watch buffy the vampire slayer and cry and just sit around and just soak up each others awesomeness and cry.

listening to:
red. specifically, all too well.
for those of you who listen to taylor's music and love all too well as much as i do, here's a great visual that my friend bridget sent to me, and i'm pretty it is actually a self portrait.
(also, once i get it in my hot little hands, one direction's new album.)

working on:
cleaning and organizing my room.
ha. ha ha. ha ha. ha. ha. ha ha. ha ha. ha ha ha ha.

i was better at nanowrimo. the first day i was like "YES, THIS IS MY YEAR! I CAN DO THIS! I CAN WRITE A NOVEL!" and by the second day i was like "no, maybe next year. i cannot do this. i cannot write a novel." and now the nanowrimo people keep sending me all these emails being like "keep writing! your novel is on it's way!" and "meet with other writers in your area to share your progress!" and i'm like "i cAN'T, I DON'T EVEN REALLY HAVE ANY PROGRESS TO SHOW THEM."

how are YOU?


  1. I've been stalking you for a while, BUT CAN WE JUST TALK ABOUT ALL TOO WELL???

    Seriously, I've been listening to it on repeat for a week, and I'm not even mad. It hurts so good!

    Also, I'm super excited for Reached. And I have a long list of books that I want to read that are all recommendations from you, so thanks for that.

    ok, bye.

  2. I am so excited/jealous that you and sydney get to hang out ahhhhhhhhh! srsly, you ladies have a lovely time, and take pictures plz so I can feel like I'm there.

    also, you and nick make my soul soar. sry if it was cheesy but y'all are just too cute.

  3. omg all too well. that is perfect hahah! except not funny. i like your blog. sending happy wishes your way! xoxo

  4. So excited for Reached! Omg like freaking out. :) This post made me smile today, so thanks!

  5. Sydney, my favorite part of this post is you too. ;)

  6. I CANNOT stop listening to All Too Well!!! Also, have you heard The Moment I Knew from the Target Deluxe album? It's pretty amazing as well.

    Definitely adding the books you mentioned to my wish list!

  7. Awww, nick is so sweet! I have a man like that, that just wants to make me happy and is there for me ;) Isn't it wonderful!!

    Ahh taylors new album is good. SO sad sometimes but good!

  8. Been reading your blog for sometime now, and this is my first time commenting. Just wanted to say that I wish I knew you in person. I think you and Lauren are so awesome. I am so bummed that she had to make her blog private because of mean people in this world.
    Anyway thank you so much for your book recommendations. Since I started following your blog I have been reading more. Happy thanksgiving to you!