Wednesday, September 12, 2012

better late than never?

welp, these are a little late.
but here's some shots from when marci came to visit!!

-ate. and ate and ate and ate.
-saw celeste and jesse forever down at the esquire.
-went to the melting pot for kate's birthday!
-did some vintage shopping down on broadway.
-talked until our throats hurts.

i love kate and i love marci.
proof that friends you meet online will not always kill you.


  1. What cuties! I wish I was friends with all of you.

  2. Please tell me you went to Boss Vintage. That place is a dream. And also, the next time I'm in Denver I SO want to go to Snooze. It looks so good!

  3. Can EVERY weekend be like that (long) weekend? Pleeeeeaaaaase? Love you girls.

  4. sarah girl, boss was first on the list. it is theee best. and snooze is DELICIOUS, you must go (but during the week, it's a madhouse!)

  5. Your outfits at the "Snooze" restaurant are amazzzzing. FOOD. I'm the pickiest eater around but I've been branching out lately so I'm now obsessed with asking what people eat at restaurants and their favorite dishes.